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Permitting Information
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How to Find the Right Permit Types?

You have two options to find an appropriate permit type. You can search by keywords or click on the "Enter" / "More Info" button from the appropriate box further below that shows permit grouping.

Example: Fence, moving, tree
For exact match please use double quotes. Example: "Farmers Market"

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Parking/Occupancy Permit

Companies, residents and others may obtain Temporary Occupancy and Parking Permits required for the short term private use of public space in Washington, DC. Permits may be for metered/non-metered curbside parking for moving trucks or containers, a construction staging area, a block party, a parade, etc. Click here for a full list of events.

Schedule an Inspection

This option allows you to schedule/reschedule or cancel an inspection for deposit refund for an issued or expired construction permit.

Development Plan Review

Schedule/reschedule/cancel a Development Plan Review meeting for your construction work at different design completion level (0% to 100%)

Emergency Work Request

Authorized utility companies and others may apply for an Emergency Work Request. This request does not generate a permit, but the required permits can be applied for directly from the submitted request.

Construction/ Excavation Permit

Companies, residents or others may obtain a permit for work within the District’s public space. Work may include paving constructing a fence or wall, installing or removing a bench, tree or overhead wires, excavating for utility line or sheeting & shoring installation, etc. Click here for a complete list.

Public Space Rental/ Annual Permit

For businesses, companies or others who wish to apply for a permit to rent public space, or use public space for commercial purposes on an annual basis. This includes Valet permit, Farmers Market, Intercity Bus, Commuter Bus, Shuttle Service, Sightseeing Bus and Tour Bus etc. Click here for complete list.

Right of Way Invoice

For utility companies to generate and submit invoices for aerial, surface and sub-surface conduits / facilities occupying public space.

Manage Projects Manage Projects

Here you can add/edit a Project designation for your work in public space. Once added, you can associate construction and occupancy permit applications with this Project (Occupancy permit enhancement coming in October, 2017). This will provide greater transparency, better reporting and search functionalities.

Commercial Vehicle Permit

To apply for annual and single haul truck tag, annual and one day loading zone permit and decal.The commercial vehicle loading zone permit grants the right to use curbside loading zone spaces (for up to two hours, during the specified hours of operation for each zone) and the tags grant rights to make trips in, out, or in and out of the District.

Special/Heritage Tree Permit

A tree within the District of Columbia that has a minimum circumference of 44 inches is defined as a special tree and requires a permit for removal. If the tree is in private property, you must apply here. If it is on public space (between curb and sidewalk) use construction permit instead. View Special/Heritage Tree Permit Reports.

Manage CD/Bonds for Deposits

Here you can add/manage your Bond/CD/LOC for Deposit payments. Once you submit your certificate, the Permits Cash Manager must verify and approve your submitted documents. Once the verification has been completed, you can pay your deposit(s) using the approved certificate.